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Dichro Magic

HotPot Norge is an official distributor of Dichro Magic® by Austin Thin Films. And they make awesome dichroic glass!



Why do we love them?

  • Beautiful clear, strong colours.

  • Perfect for beginners and professionals, it is the most versatile dichroic

        glass coating available.

  • Designed to withstand fusing and firing temperatures.

  • Works well with stained glass and architectural applications.

  • Remains highly stable at the highest glassblowing temperatures while

        retaining the beautiful optical properties and colors.



                                                                                                                                                                      Cabochon made with various strips of Dichro Magic



We have in stock some COE90 dichroic on clear and dichroic on black, and every once in a while add Laser Etched Samplers, Tie Dyes (our absolute favourites) and Scrap Bags to the mix.


Our stock levels are a fraction of the myriad of colours that are available, but if you have favourites you'd like to see here or require specific dichroic glass colours or bigger sheets, drop us a line and we will stock them for you. Click here for the full catalogue.














                                                                                                Examples of glass colours and patterns found in variety packs.





Did you know ...

Dichroic glass (a.k.a. "dichro") coatings are produced in a vacuum chamber, where multiple thin layers of exotic materials are deposited onto a glass substrate. This creates an optical filter that can selectively reflect and transmit wavelengths of light.


Pre-Packaged Variety Packs



  • Dichroic on Clear

  • Dichroic on Black

  • Laser Etched

  • Tie-Dye

  • Textures Mix

  • Ultra Thins


All dichroic glass in stock are COE90.