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Bubble Powder in Microwave Glass Fusing

By HotPot Norge, Feb 24 2013 10:04AM

The last post in Q & A was about preventing bubbles in your designed piece.

The post today is how to create lots of bubbles in your piece and in a place where you want them to appear.

To create bubbles you can use baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) or borax.

To apply to jewelry items, sprinkle the bubble powder over your design and add a glass cap to finish your piece. The best way is to keep the powder away from the edges so the cap can fuse to the base.

The results will vary depending on the amount used.

I noticed when trying the bubble powder that the less I used the better the results came out.

I started with way too much bubble powder and nothing happened at all.

Tried again with a bit less bubble (baking) powder and a blister formed even weakening the strength of the item just by the size and its place close to the surface. This was already good progress from the first pieces I tried.

By scaling down the amount of bubble powder, the best results came with a light dusting of the glass.

To create bubbles only at a pre designed place, mix the bubble powder with water and apply on the chosen place with a small brush. Let it dry totally.

You will notice that applying with the brush will add too much powder to the glass.

The excess powder can easily be rubbed off with your finger when dry. Always let the piece dry before firing.

You will see that in this way you can create bubbles in the places you like and you will have another tool to make pieces that will stand out even more.

Fred Hebing

Aug 7 2013 06:22PM by Tatiana Simoens

Nice suggestion. I'll definitely try this technique once myself. Thx a lot.

Jan 23 2018 04:04AM by Doreen laufer

1at time ever seeing this, have a done little fusing , never with baking powder or microwave. Could you please give some advice on microwaveing glass? Sounds really fun!! Thank you, Doreen

Jan 24 2018 12:44AM by yvetteandfred

Hi Doreen,
Have a look at the page:, particularly the user manual. It gives you everything you need to know about microwaving glass in a microwave kiln :o) And yes, it is really fun :o)

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