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By hotpotnorge, Jan 29 2012 10:51AM

Testing out the HotPot starter pack some time ago we had lots of fun and at the same time wanted to make more pieces with “depth”.

We did see so many nice cabochons on the internet that were so pretty and delicate in appearance it was very inspiring.

Also realizing that these nice pieces were made by people with loads of experience we wanted to see how fast we could get to their level, more or less.

By looking at these pictures we concluded that the dichroic glass was a big part of the answer.

That’s strange, we used dichros from the HotPot starter pack and while it gives nice results it wasn’t what we were looking for. How to improve on this?

The eureka moment came when we combined dichroic on black with clear dichroic glass over it. Also a colored base with clear dichroic on top gives very interesting results. As with clear dichro over millefiore.

We realized that if the clear dichro is used upside down (i.e. the dichro film side of the glass faces up) the piece comes out cloudy.

We hope this info will help everybody to diversify the pieces they make and get even more satisfaction out of the HotPot.

Yvette and Fred

Picture below: "London calling"

Made on a white background with PreCuts hearts, red and black frit, two small millifiore and clear dichro. Topped off with a layer of clear glass.

London calling
London calling