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By HotPot Norge, Mar 31 2013 09:00AM

Definition: Shaping glass by bending it over or into a mold.

After making a fused piece you can place this piece on a mold, apply heat again to soften the glass and it it will melt to the shape of the mold. By doing this you can create all kind of different objects, from vases to bowls to free-standing items. The name for this is slumping.

This technique is very versatile due to the fact that you get to incorporate lots of things like paint, powders, frit, and stringers to copper wire and silver foil to create a truly unique self-designed piece.

Another term for this process is kiln-forming. It's not unusual for the two terms -- "warm glass" and "kiln-forming" -- to be used interchangeably, although in recent years "kiln-forming" has become the preferred term.

Slumped vessel
Slumped vessel
Slumped Free standing item
Slumped Free standing item